Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cost for your Service?
    It depends upon the service you choose:

    Each of the HomeTask services is focused on building relationships with the HomeTask members so you can count on competitive and fair rates throughout the experience with us.

    *Please note that all fees are recommended rates and they do vary by region and service provider. When you schedule your appointment on-line, the rates for your region are shown.

    Additional services to be announced soon!
    How do I pay for the HomeTask service?
    You can enter your credit card information for secure processing through our web site (to do this, visit your member profile) or you can provide cash, or a check to your Yellow Van Handyman when the project is finished or at least every 2 days.
    How do you charge?
    HomeTask service is charged on an hourly basis. Your Yellow Van Handyman may be able to provide a flat rate estimate for some repairs or maintenance items.
    What if my handyman works for a part of an hour? Are your charges rounded off?
    Labor Time Calculation: Time charged is rounded up to the next half hour increment. (Example: If your Yellow Van Handyman arrives and begins work at 10:30am and works until 1:20pm, billable time will be rounded up to 1:30pm and you will be billed for 3 hours.
    Special materials or items need to be purchased for my job. How would this work?
    You have several options for acquiring the materials for your project. (1) you can purchase and have the material on-site, (2) you can purchase and we will deliver the items, or (3) your Yellow Van Handyman can purchase them and bring the materials with him/her. If you should choose to have HomeTask procure the materials, you will be invoiced based on the standard labor rates in addition to the cost of materials as stated below:

    Materials procurement mark-up:
    $0 - $30 = $20 + retail cost
    $30 - $60 = $30 + retail cost
    $60 - $100 = $50 + retail cost
    $100 - $200 = $75 + retail cost
    $200 - up = 35% + retail cost

    Note: All rates are recommended and vary widely depending upon your region and service provider.
    What are your fees to dispose of waste materials?
    HomeTask will dispose of your debris based on the following rates. Twelve-Eighteen dollars ($12-$18) per standard sized, (33 gallon), plastic garbage bag up to 25 pounds. If large amounts of debris are created that require disposal at a City or County dump facility, charges will be applied to your invoice including disposal fees and labor.
    Is there a minimum time period for a handyman visit?
    When a HomeTask Expert is dispatched to your home or office, you are financially obligated for at least two (2) hours.
    Do you guarantee the materials you obtain for a job?
    Yes! HomeTask guarantees the quality and workmanship of all parts purchased by HomeTask for one hundred eighty (180) days from the invoice date. HomeTask also guarantees labor for sixty (60) days from the invoice date. Guarantee is for identical parts and/or repairs performed.
    Who will come to my house if I schedule a visit with HomeTask?
    A uniformed HomeTask Repair Expert will arrive at your home or office carrying his own tools in a clearly marked Yellow Van. Yellow Van Handyman Repair Experts are primarily Independent Business Owners, not subcontractors. They are personally interested in your customer experience! We carefully screen each person, and they are insured and all possess a high level of skill and experience. HomeTask repair experts arrive on time, ready to work.