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About Me

Andy’s been handy with tools since he discovered his granddad’s workshop. He likes to repair and use his skills as a builder to do small remodels. He enjoys tiling, painting, drywall (including cosmetic repair) millwork, floor/door & cabinet installs, minor electrical & plumbing, siding and windows. He is motivated to assist the home & small business and is looking forward to working with you.

My name is Andy Laico and for about 20 years I’ve carried the nickname Andyman.
I was born in Seattle and have lived here for 46 years, 22 of those on Queen Anne. I’ve been involved with “Home Improvement” since about age 14 when I started painting our family home. It energized me so I kept going and going. At 16 it lead me to remodel the basement of that same home. My folks were very generous in letting me do that, and I was able to turn it into a very comfy, fun and enjoyable space. Years later, I found myself doing a variety of carpentry (rough to fine), siding, decks, flooring, carpet cleaning, minor plumbing and electrical, tons of drywall (specializing in cosmetic repair) and, of course lots of interior and exterior painting (a result of my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree / UW no doubt). I also love to do tile install/repair, cabinet installs and door installs.

I will always strive to find solutions that are visually, structurally, and financially sound. This is because “The Home” is where my heart is.

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PO Box 1366
Lynnwood, WA 98046

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