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Brad Sligh



About Me

Brad started working with his hands at age 7 while helping his father manage the family’s Real Estate. During his high school and college years, Brad worked building decks and small additions. As time went on, he used this base of knowledge to build and develop housing communities and other Real Estate. When not working, Brad loves spending time with his 4 children, loving wife and friends.

I am excited about being a franchise owner/professional handyman because it allows for a really dynamic opportunity in this day and age. While you still own your own business you also get the support and structure of a proven system. I also have the opportunity to remain hands on and working with members.
Before starting my handyman business I owned and managed a mortgage broker business and developed real estate projects. At seven years old I started working with my hands by helping my father out with our real estate, which led to me building decks and other improvements by the time I was in high school.
We live in a high stress world and home repairs are something that a lot of people don’t have the time to take care of. I believe that by providing the best service possible I can reduce my member’s stress and help to provide peace of mind.
My favorite part of my job is small repairs but it also seems like I gravitate towards small plumbing projects. It’s really rewarding to see the huge difference a small repair can do to ease a member’s stress and what a small remodel can do to an entire house.
I am a licensed, bonded and insured general contractor with a lifetime of experience so bring on your odd jobs! The most common job request I seem to get is to fix leaky faucets and toilets. All jobs are exciting to me and I’d have to say most are pretty unusual. I think one of the most unusual was when a pipe burst under a house in the crawl space. The water had frozen so I had to lay on my back in the ice while fixing the pipe at three in the morning.
To me a referral is the greatest compliment to my efforts. It shows that you did a good job and my members are happy.

Service Area

Bethesda, MD
Chevy Chase, MD
Garrett Park, MD
Glen Echo, MD
Kensington, MD
Rockville, MD
Silver Spring, MD
Suburb Maryland Fac, MD

My Address:
12508 Arbor View Terrace
Silver Spring, MD 20902

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  • Was very happy with the estimate I got from you guys & Mr Sligh was very pleasant & very professional. The only reason I have not come back yet is we have put the project on hold. We will certainly contact you again once we are ready to go ahead with it. Thanks

  • Response: Thanks for the kind comments Tembi. It is always a pleasure meeting interesting people.