You've probably noticed that our business model is a little different from the others. That’s because we want to help you pursue your vocation, so you can do what you love best: home repairs and maintenance. To make that possible, our business model is built on keeping your initial costs low and your benefits high. The benefits of owning a Yellow Van Handyman licensed business include:

  • Excellent communication network: With our centralized contact support center, powerful telephone communication system, state-of-the-art web-enabled database, e-mail services, and wireless technology, you’re never more than a call or e-mail away from support.
  • Free marketing materials: We’ll provide you with an initial package of business cards, brochures, door hangers, note pads, and much more! We also provide ideas and guidelines for the use of these items through 1:1 coaching support.
  • Monthly bookkeeping service: We have built an automated system that with only a couple hours of help from a bookkeeper each month, you can stay on top of all your financial tracking! We also already established a relationship with a credit card processing company.
  • Monthly financial reporting: We give you monthly financial reports that are benchmarked with your fellow License Partners. This is a fantastic tool to learn how to increase your performance.
  • On-line scheduler: Our easy-to-use on-line scheduler lets us schedule your appointments to suit your individual needs. Just block out any days or hours that you need for any reason and the scheduler works around you. If your child has a soccer game then by all means, make the game!
  • Service-vehicle: We have developed a color and design scheme for our service vehicles that is both eye catching and clearly understandable—a great way to market your business. We also provide the initial set of vehicle graphics free of charge.
  • Free gear: We have put together a clothing gear package that helps you make a high-impact first impression. The initial set of clothing gear is provided for free.
  • Free partner training: To help get you going, we provide training that includes in-class work and ride-along experience with an existing License Partner. We also have a library of resources available to you so you can continue learning as you go.
  • Team Meetings: We hold periodic team meetings where License Partners can tell us what is working and where we can improve.
  • HomeTask Cares Foundation: This foundation allows License Partners along with their friends and family to donate their services to needy people in their community.
  • Available health and dental care plans: Finding your own health or dental care can be difficult and expensive. We have arranged for health and dental care plans with leading providers for your optional participation.
  • Available retirement and life insurance plans: We have arranged for retirement and life insurance plans with leading providers for your optional participation.
  • Free consultation with a financial planner: Let us assist you with your personal and business finances. We will introduce you to the highest quality firms available for you to consult with free initially to get your finances headed in the right direction.
  • So much more...

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