Become a License Partner

Many people dream of the independence and fulfillment that comes from owning a business!

You can travel that road alone or you can choose a Yellow Van Handyman licensed business and get up and running quickly. Here are the options:

For the Handyman: Do the work yourself or add a few employees as you learn the ropes. Enjoy the day-to-day support system and team either way. Are you a military veteran with an honorable service history? If so, you could qualify for our special veteran program. Thank you for serving!

Enjoy a faster business start-up: Instead of starting from scratch, buy a license to jumpstart your business with:

  • An Existing Business Model - We've already set up the systems and processes. This lowers your risk and makes it easier to get your business up and running
  • A Thriving Brand -Start with an existing brand and all the credibility that comes with it.
  • Ongoing Training and Support - We'll teach you the ropes and support you as you grow.

You are the handyman, while we run the business! With a licensed business, you're free to do what you love: home repairs and maintenance. We give you the tools and support you need to spend more time as a handyman and less time running the business.

We have a “tool box” of benefits that minimize the time you spend on the back end business systems so you can focus on the local operation.

Low Investment: Compared to other businesses, our front-end investment is low, ($24,999 for a turnkey business including a service van, marketing supplies, gear, and more or $7,999 for a basic package where you supply your own service van). This size of an investment lowers your risk, and makes it easier for you to get your business started.

Use of Technology: While other handymen are spending precious time on scheduling and paperwork, Yellow Van Handyman license partners focus on billable hours. We lead the way in our use of technology to make the business easier for you!

Support: Being in business for yourself can be lonely. We've built a community to support our license partners. You can tap into this support in two ways:

  • Use our custom, easy to use, on-line business management system and the live support center.
  • Join a local Development Team to share ideas with and learn from other license partners as your team becomes your business “family.”

Make your business what you want it to be: Our mission is to make it easier for you to pursue your vocation and find balance in your life. Prioritize your time and work when it works for you and your family. Build your business big or keep it small. Take vacations when it works for you. A Yellow Van Handyman business is your ticket to self-employment without the stress.

This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a license. It is for informational purposes only. Any financial reference is general in nature and not intended to be an earnings claim.